Real-Time Location Of OTHER Users on a map?

Is there a way to see the real-time location of several drivers on one map?


So are the capabilities limited to a “snapshot” (rather than “realtime”) or that you can’t see the location of others? (Real-time OR snapshot)?
I can see MY location on a map “Here()”

If you were ok asking the drivers to “check in” their location, I suspect that could be shown for multiple drivers on a map. @Steve - Wondering if a “check-in” can automated using workflow and action? Never tried it…

AppSheet can only record (and thereby report) on a snapshot basis. There is no way to stream (in real time) the app’s location.

I’m not aware of a way to automate a check-in in a reliable way.

I’d guess the most desirable automated check-in would be every so many units of time. Unfortunately, AppSheet has no scheduling mechanism on the device end, so there’s no way to make anything happen on the device reliably at a given time or interval.

The closest I can imagine is to create an action that performs a check-in and attach that action to as many navigation events within the app as possible. Then the user would trigger a check-in with routine use of the app. This is in no way trivial and likely to result in a variety of problems, and depends entirely on active use of the app (i.e., this isn’t a passive tracking measure).

Yes… not really reliable, but in some cases, I would think a manual “check-in” might be better than nothing :slight_smile:

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Check this out from the documentation:

LatLong data can be captured in a form field when editing or adding rows via the LatLong and ChangeLocation column types.

The current location button on the LatLong input uses high-accuracy GPS location capture on your device, which is potentially time-consuming and battery-intensive.

Using a ChangeLocation column or an AppFormula or Initial Value of HERE() for a LatLong column enables passive location capture within the form, but the accuracy may be reduced compared to using the current location button.

I wonder what that means?
I was using the HERE() in the “initial value option” - but perhaps that’s the “snapshot” or “check-in” version.

So Perhaps The “Use Current Location” option when you open the app is only capable of showing MY location in real-time.

I guess I need to share the app and get a few other TEST users in the mix.

Thanks for your time guys.

When you use the HERE() with the Initial value, it only records the location when you created that record and it doesn’t change anymore. It’s not a dynamic value.

we need this feature, any update when it can be delivered ?

HI Ahmed,
This feature is on pause for now as we go through the many compliance, privacy and security audit reviews and hardening work with the Google team. I hope we will resume working on this, as we were getting close to completion prior to the acquisition, but I do not have an ETA to give you unfortunately.


@Greenflux introduced Geo-Fencing in another post. Not exactly the same but useful.

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