Real Time Synced Embeded Slide Show

I wish to build the following and wanted guidance if it was feasible or if I will hit a roadblock.

  1. Embed a Slideshow in view of app using a URL/path to a Google Slides doc in a Shared Google Drive as part of data rows. (similar to like embedding it on Google Sites).
  2. Have one person control the slideshow (i.e. forward/backward) and when page changes it updates the current page column for this slides row which propagates the slide change to all viewers at the time.
  3. Instead of only one person controlling it slideshow, multiple or anyone using the app can also control it. So when a person’s to present some slides they take control of changing slides rather than saying ‘Next slide’ on the video call. (We don’t need things like lock for single person as we trust everyone using the app to not troll by abusing the controls).

The points are in order of importance so I care most about 1. Is this feasible? Or is there a reason something like this doesn’t exist?

I have only seen images in app so far.

Not possible with AppSheet.

Not possible with AppSheet.

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Awww… Google always has these lame limitations.

I believe this would be amazing feature to add then. Abilty to embed Google Slides doc would make it far more versatile. Or a slides view i.e. when you click them it opens in slideshow mode without leaving the app. Is this on the roadmap?

This would have been crazy amazing feature for pandamic remote setup!

Thanks for the prompt help.

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I’m afraid I don’t know. :frowning:

@Steve do you know if it is possible to any other type of document in the app? Google Doc/Sheet/Form or PDF or anything?

There is no way to embed any type of document in an AppSheet app, not even a text file. Images only (not video or audio).


Oh wow! Okay that is certainly a huge limitation. Thanks for all your help and time Steve! :clap:

I was getting excited when I first saw our company already has AppSheet Pro license and noone used them; so much potential for activities! Now I’m starting to see how these small things add up and be so limiting in what you’re trying to achieve.

Ideas go from easy-to-make shiny awesome app to tangled-messy-skeleton of a would-have-been-awesome-native app. #NoCodeMovementIsStillNotHere… try again in 5 more year.


I hear ya… :frowning: