really what i want is a database.. BUT, i'd ...

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really what i want is a database… BUT,

i’d settle for taking info on different tabs on a spreadsheet and melding it together sort of, but readable in a mobile phone screen for size…

I’m a board member of an hoa and i’m trying to update the vehicle parking information as it relates to vehicle make, model, color, plate number, resident name, unit number, contact info, parking tag number, etc all in an effort to nail the parking scofflaws, also searchable by any information of the above categories…

any helpful info ?

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is it possible to add multiple picture(s) capability per license plate number for violation documentation as well ?

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Yes, you can do this pretty easily. Have you given it a try? Just try something really simple – a sheet with a subset of the information you want and see if you can build an app from it. That’s the starting point — should be pretty quick.

ALso, Im not sure if you are using “database” in the general sense

(in which case, a spreadsheet is a database) or in the technical sense of a relational database (which AppSheet also supports).

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am using google sheets now, know basic stuff on M$ Excel… aka “flat database” vs. “relational database”… i can put data in tables in a relational database, just not versed in linking them, building dashboards, queries, reports, etc… can do basic data entry on flat spreadsheets with tabs…

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@Board_Treasurer you’re going to enjoy this! The community is very active so just post work any questions.

So, for example. Multiple images, zero or a thousand, super easy… Make a table/tab with the columns, key, ref, image Then in appsheet mark the key column as key, and hidden, and column type to text, and set it’s initial value to =UNIQUEID().

Set the Ref column as label, and it’s column type to REF, and select your other table.

Then set the image column to image, and mark it as a label.

Now automatically appsheet will create the reverse reference to your violation table. So now, when you create a violation your will have the option to add as many images as you want.

(Grant Stead) #6 - Get Sheet Done — using Google Spreadsheets as your data backend Get Sheet Done — using Google Spreadsheets as your data backend