Rearrange Data Rows

I want to be able to rearrange my list of items by just dragging on the row with my finger up or down. Right now the data is displayed in the order in which it is entered, and there seems to be no way to move it up or down the list. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

The type of task app I’m building requires that the data can be easily rearranged on the list.

Drag and drop interface is generally not supported at this moment.

But it is depending on your exact requrements in terms of what you want to do .
do you want to reorder the row ? Do you want to swap the row around to reorder? Or if you have some sort of groupings list view, do you want to move the item to another groups ?


I do have groups, but my main concern is moving the items within a group. if drag-and-drop is not supported, what are alternative ways to accomplish moving items in the interface?

I only know the tricks to swap the row orders within the group, but it is little complicated. to achieve. Not a easy way to do it.


Indeed, the method can be complex. You’ll need an actual column to hold the sorting number (two actually if you’ve got groupings), and also you’ll need to create a few actions to adjust these sorting numbers.

This will require at least a video, if not a sample app… I’ll add this to my list of videos to put out and tag here when its done. :wink:


Reordering item in a group will work just fine for me, because I can always go back to modifying the record and put it in another group.

Im wondering if one way it could be rearranged is if you set a hidden number to each record from 1-10. If the record is set to 1, then it appears first on the list, if it set to 10 it appears last (assuming you have ten items in the list).

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yes, a video would be highly appreciated.

I’m trying to create a very simple Program Schedule Managing App but none of the task or project management apps I tried can do what I need it to do.

Essentially yes, you need to create a field that will hold the sort number. Then you create a series of actions to +1/-1 to entries.

But there’s all sorts of extra complicatedness you need to consider

  • What happens when you delete something?
  • What happens when you add?
  • When you change one number up, you then need to change the one below it as well.
  • etc.

There’s just all this… extra stuff you’re not thinking about until you use it. Then you’re like, “Oh crap! I completely forgot about XYZ”. And when you get into the solution you’re like… HOLY CRAP! This is WAY more complicated than I thought. (^_^)

I think there was something like 10 actions I made last time to make this work smoothly.

You’ve also got to consider groups in there too. You just can’t give “item number 1 in group1” the same sorting number as “item number 1 in group 2” - that being 1.

  • If you ever tried to sort by that, with something that didn’t have the grouping, things would be all messed up. :slightly_smiling_face:

So you’ve got to take group sorting into consideration as well.

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Got a sample app put together that highlights everything involved; see here for more details.

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