Receiving workflow email default ..... instead of google doc template

I have created an app for repair and request of spares, when the status is APPROVED a workflow is created and google doc template has been set. The app is not deployed and i had created a Email Body Template with google docs and i have edited the template. Though i receive the emails when the product column status gets approved but it is the default email not the edited email body template which i created using google doc template and i dont get the other attachment with this email.

can you help me

You can control the content and format for your email body and attachment with a template

  1. Click the Create button following the Email Body Template property. When you click Create, AppSheet will create a Body template and write it to your default data source.

  2. The template will be given a unique name based on the workflow or report name, the template type (Attachment or Body), and the date and time you click Create, ensuring every template has a unique name.

  3. Click View to view and edit the new template file


i have edited the template after the email body template property was created and then the view option was used to show the template, but when the workflow is triggered the email sent is not in the edited google doc template format instead it is in the default format.

Please post a screenshot of your workflow’s configuration.

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Hmm! The config looks okay. Have you tried clicking the View button here to confirm the template file the workflow is using is the one you think it is?

yes! i have checked by clicking the view button as you said. The template file is the same file which I had created, but still the file is not working

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I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem is, then. Please contact for further help with this. Someone there will probably need to take a look at your app configuration.

What i did was removed the table in the the template, when i removed the table it started working. But i want to design the template using table as it would give better look and format text alignment.

What should i do to use the tables with rows and column


There are mulitple items so what should i do to all the items as of now the workflow sends email only for the first item and if i insert a table in google template i dont receive emails

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