Recent Unable to find app definition ERROR - data loss

I had an app set to a "stable version. Two fields were added to the Google Sheets datasource and the columns were regenerated in AppSheet.

Unfortunately the changes did not propagate down to the devices (due to the stable version), some received the “Unable to find app definition” error and some users were able to record data but with the original table structure causing data to be distorted.

I removed the stable version and regenerated the columns but am experiencing quite a few issues.

In normal operation, emails are generated when mobile users input data. With the above being the case, some emails were generated successfully but oddly the data can’t be found on Google Sheets. I’d like to make sure I understand the process with mobile devices having AppSheet installed and offline capability.

The mobile device captures data and holds it on the phone
The data is pushed to AppSheet servers and workflows are generated.
The data is then pushed to the datasource***

If the correct app definition wasn’t found, would the system not post the data?

If yes, this would be inconsistent with records that did make it to the spreadsheet although distorted but nonetheless present.