Recently generated PDF problems

I’ve just revisited an App I wrote to see how things were getting along.

The app generates and saves quotes and keeps a history of all quotes generated and all the pdf documents sent.

I noticed that a change happened between 21 - 26 days ago that has affected formatting of the PDF documents and now numbers that used to fit into the cells on the quote now wrap around to the next line.


turns into


for instance.

I have not made any changes for many months to this app. Did something change on the PDF generation end? Remember, only in the last 3 to 4 weeks this change has occured.

Same thing here. Some header columns are generated on two rows/lines even if the template shows them on a single line.

And yes. 3-4 weeks ago i noticed too.

Please contact Support for help with this.

Attn @Arthur_Rallu