Recommendation on customer app for clients?

I will be speaking to AppSheet about this and considering purchasing a business plan but wanted to survey the community as well.

Many times when we bring on clients they want to provide their customers an app to peek at appointments, status’, billing and statements, etc.

The usual approach is to provide a normal app, list the customers info for login and all is good!

There are a couple of issues with this:

  1. A customer may only need to look at their info 1 or 2 times a month.
  2. If the client is national with many customers, the cost can get prohibitive.

I know AppSheet likely has reduced pricing for large volumes and I will be checking into that.

I was wondering if there are any acceptable alternatives? For example, could a public app work?

I have been on a few retail sites where they allow you to look up order info by the order number and maybe along with email plus phone number. Obviously, this is not very secure as anyone with Order # and other easily obtained details could access the billing info.

I’m afraid that won’t work with the Public app because you can’t use authentication. When using Public app, the device will have all the data or no data at all if the option “Filter out all existing rows?” is set as ON.

Could you not force them to enter their details, say into USERSETTINGS, and then base the showing of displays on if those settings are present? Also, all views are based on Slices that only filter if the settings are present otherwise return nothing?

I don’t know, just grabbing at straws here and looking at options for clients.

Yes you can do that… but still all data would be in users device and readable.

Ah! Now I get your point!