Recommended regions for GCP database instances

Hi there,

I am planning to create an application using GCP’s SQL instance. Is there any information on which region to choose, us-west or europe-west?
My understanding is that I can get better performance by creating the SQL instance in a region closer to the AppSheet server.

From the help below, I think I should choose the us-west or europe-west region, but I don’t know which region the AppSheet server that manages the application is in.
I believe that, given the architecture of AppSheet, it is more important to know which region the AppSheet server for the app you are using resides in, rather than the location of the user.

  1. Choose the region. AppSheet servers are located in us-west and europe-west. For best performance, select between these two regions based on where the majority of your users are located.

Sorry if I am missing some information.