Recommended user table names

In the case of an application that is used by multiple people, I think that there are many cases where an app user table is created in AppSheet.
I want to set the table name to something other than User because there is a Users menu that manages the authentication status in the external service and the USERMAIL function.

I think it depends on the application, but what kind of naming convention do you often use to create a table of app users?
Person?, Employees?, Staff? Or will it be User as usual?

The background of the question is to want to know the recommended user table design pattern.


The name of the table can be anything, the important thing is that you have control of the content of the table, and the relationships they have with other tables.

I have used Roles, Levels, Permissions, Users, Hierarchy, Accesses, etc.


Hi Hugo_Serrano,

Thank you!
Keeping in mind that you pointed out, I often use the table name AppUser

Someday, if I can create a Column in the User menu, I think it would be nice to reduce such a table.

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