Record audio from Appsheet

Is it possible, or could it be possible, to record an audio or voice memo directly from an appsheet screen in the same way that one can take photos and have them attached to the record?
I need to record inspection data in the field but there are far too many variables to make into fields (Time constraint for entering). If I could make voice memos attached to the record it would allow the office to have access more easily than is currently the case.


We have this functionality in our ToDo list but I’m afraid we don’t have any specific timeline for that.


Thanks very much for the info

You’re welcome

Hi @Marlene_Williamson You could record an Audio with an external App and upload that mp3 file to your App. Using the Column Type “File”.
You can refer to my sample App “Files”.

Even though the Filename extension will change to “.txt”, it will open the mp3 file without any problem.

(@praveen we have been talking about that changing of the Filename extension.)


Thanks Fabian…I’ll keep that in mind although it might be beyond my users capabilities! Perhaps a bit of training would sort that

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I’ve the same request.


recording audio from within the appsheet will enable my apps to compete with Whatsapp… The whole thrust of Whatsapp is recording and sharing audio. This is such a helpful functionality!

I want to use this feature as a receipt when I advance money to my employes.

How can we vote for you to prioritize this feature ?

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@Jenner You would need to open new post as a feature request. This post’s category is just “Questions”.

Has an ETA for this functionality come forward?
I think it is an amazing feature, and matches up the the workorder template very well for a number of uses. I think one user has suggest its a vioce memo feature that given whats app a huge strength in communications. I think the same thing here.