Record data on same row

Hello all

In the inventory app I am working on I have a Form view where the user inputs the amount of items removed from the shelf. The Event Action of Formed Saved triggers an action which “goes to another view within this app” and on that view the user inputs the amount of items they pull off the shelf that they cannot sell (Scrap). The problem with this is the data is recorded on 2 separate rows.

Is there a way to set it up so both the “# removed” and “# scrapped” are recorded on the same row in the table but still have the ability for separate Views?

The reason I prefer this is after they enter the “# removed” I would like a separate pop-up or view to then display a message like "Were there any items removed from the shelf that were scrapped? If the user hits “Yes” then they enter that amount, if they hit “No” it just returns to the previous view.

Thank You for any help

If you use LINKTOFORM() in the target expression of the App: Go to another view within this app action, you can supply values to be used as the initial values for form columns, thereby prefilling the desired column.

Thanks Steve, that is exactly what I used in the action but the data is still recording in separate rows. Maybe I have the syntax wrong? What happens now is one row is recorded when user hits save, it then links to the form view, then when the scrap is entered…that data is recorded on the subsequent row.

Hmmm… I guess I misunderstood. Sorry!

Why are you using two views in the first place if everything is recorded on the same row? Perhaps instead you mighty want to use Editable_If or Show_If to show the # scrapped column only if # removed is not zero?