Record Keeping who visited the sites and premises?

Here in Japan, hopefully the things are moving toward the positive direction, the officials lifted the restrictions to bars, restaurants to operate their premises, and peple is expected to be back to their normal life, enjoying dinner with friends and family etc.

Goverment requests restaurant and other operators to keep the records of the contact detail for those who visit the sites and premises.

This is sample app I created and localized to Japanese language. Sample app is available and be copied instantly.

The sample app is focusing on the super simple UI/UX to keep the record of visitors, i.e. name, phone and email.

There is master table for calendar, i.e. dates, so this app enables to conduct the quick stats, in terms of how many visitors we recevived on a particular date etc. If unfortune happens on the site, it is easy to submit the notice, to those who should receive the information, such as happenming of craster of epidemic etc. with the least effort.