Records in Data Source (DropBox) & View Data (?) Don't Match

The number of records in my Data Source (3-records stored in DropBox) and the number of records in the “View Source” contain only 2-records. I cannot understand why DropBox does not update. Any help as to why would be appreciated. I am a novice at all this. Thank you in advance.

The file displayed by View Source (with two rows) is the file the app is actually using. It sounds like you’re looking at a different file (the one with three rows).

First and foremost thank you for responding to me. I appreciate it.

Second, I apologize for not getting back sooner. I was unavailable until now.

Yes, they are two, different files. What I don’t understand is “why” I have more records in my DropBox file than I do in the file used by Appsheet. I am not a Developer and am noodling around with this and I cannot figure this out. It is frustrating, humbling, etc. I am 63+ and I want to learn this. Any thoughts on why this might be occurring?

I suspect it’s a one-time occurrence, rather than something on-going. At some point, either the app was reconfigured to use a different file, or the file the app is using was copied and you (but not the app) began looking at the copy.

When AppSheet accesses your file, it does so using a hidden identifier rather tan the file name itself. If you rename the original file and create a new file of the original name, AppSheet won’t see the new file and will continue to use the old file.

It’s not uncommon for an app creator to rename and replace a file thinking AppSheet will see the replacement. Perhaps you did this?

I know I made changes to the file by adding a field. I also know when I saved the file it put a “2” after it. So I believe what you explained to me is my issue. I will investigate. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it…while building brain cells! :-).

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