Records of Data

Hello all, I was planning to do an inventory app where it records the flow of the inventory. In my google spreadsheet, there are basically 3 sheets:

  1. “Scan In” - to see the visibility of their inventory as in where their goods are placed
  2. " Scan out" - more of like a picking list
  3. Inventory Balance - the balance of each product

Currently, I’m using a formula to transfer my record from scan-in and scan-out sheet to my inventory balance sheet to find the balance. Was just wondering if it is possible to auto record it at my inventory sheet without having me to insert any formulas into my inventory balance sheet?

Any chance to use only two tables…
#1 - Goods (this is a parent table)
#2 - In & Out (these are child records)

Then it’s easy to calculate the balance goods by goods with a virtual column like…
SUM(SELECT([Related In&Out][Count],[Action]=“In”) - SUM(SELECT([Related In&Out][Count],[Action]=“Out”)


Thank you so much for your reply but I think I didn’t explain myself clearly. So sorry. Apparently there will be 2 apps. Incoming goods app and the outgoing goods app. These two apps will be using the same google spreadsheet.

The incoming goods app will be using the “scan in” sheet and “inventory balance” sheet whereas the outgoing app will be using the " scan out" sheet and also " inventory balance" sheet

Scan in sheet is the records of what kind of inventory the company will have. This sheet will have to be copied to the inventory balance sheet; showing the details and all with the use of unique formula.

Scan out sheet will be the records of all the scanned out items. However, the quantity that is recorded is used to deduct the total quantity in the balance sheet.

As for now, I’m doing it manually where I copy-paste from the scan in sheet to the inventory sheet. Will there be a way to have the same record at 2 sheets immediately after clicking the ‘save’ button from the app?

Why would you need to use two different apps? If the same app can handle both requirements (In & Out), would that be okay?