Recover data from mobile cache?

Hi all

I seem to have deleted my AppSheet data file from OneDrive so my data won’t show when I am in my AppSheet app on my laptop.

However the data is still showing in my AppSheet app on my Android mobile device. Therefore I would like to ask how I can recover the data from my mobile cache where presumably it is stored ? I have looked through my files on File Manager on my mobile, but cannot see an AppSheet data file anywhere ?

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

AppSheet doesn’t keep a copy of the data file in the cache of your mobile device, so you’re not going to be able to recover the data file from the device cache. Does OneDrive not have the ability to restore deleted files?

One of the feature of Appsheet is , when your internet is down all the data is stored in your device cache. When internet becomes active again, it will sync with your datasource.
So always there is sync between device and datasource. That is the reason in your case working only in your device.
Thing to remember is your mobile cache can never be a complete datasource for the app.
Because datasource is global storage. While mobile device storage is local to that device.
I don’t think there will be any chance to recover data. As Structure of data is complete different.
Note: If your datasource is too big, even in your device app wouldn’t have worked.
In your case data size is less, which can be cached enough in your device, so working.

Thank you, but I can still see all my data on the mobile version of the app on my device ?
So where is that data stored - if I can locate the data file and retrieve it in any format then at least I have a chance of recovering it and not having to type it all out again from my mobile screen !

Thank you, but I cannot seem to find the file containing the mobile data cache ? Can you give me an idea what folder it might be stored in / or what it’s name could be ?
Thanks for any help.