Recovery Data location/options

Where is the option to set where recovery data is stored?
I see the option “Default app folder - The default location for app files” in Info[Properties], but the data is not stored when I “Show Changes”.
Is there a log for when recovery data is attempted to be saved?
This worked once before; I am using Dropbox (a shared folder from another account) as the data source.

Recovery Data? AppSheet doesn’t have any kind of recovery feature outside of Version History, in which you can rollback to an earlier version. That’s under the Manage tab.

Recovery data for when a user is unable to sync their changes do to a scheme conflict.

Those don’t get stored anywhere. They are stuck on the user’s device until the table schema matches. So you’ll either need to rollback your app to a version that they can sync with, or force the user to update to the most current version and then redo all of those changes.