Recovery On the menu of the app and just abo...

(tsuji koichi) #1


On the menu of the app and just above the log out, there is ‘recovery’ . I’m not sure if this has been existing for long, but could I get advice how this will work if the user select this action? When I tried and hit , the app re sync , but actually what Appsheet is doing on the background?

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2


TL;DR: If you didn’t have unsynced changes disappearing from your app recently, you can just ignore the recovery option. It will be removed soon. About a week ago we released a significant update to the iOS app (it’s the same update you helped beta test a while ago). If a user had unsynced changes in their app while they update to the latest app version from the app store, their unsynced changes would disappear.

For users that would encounter this issue, we temporary added this recovery button that will open a “pre update” version of your app where the user should sync those “lost” changes.

I hope that makes sense.