RECRUITMENT PROCESS - Actions : Automatically set a column value in a row

Dear Community,

I have an app to track the Recruitment Process.

A Table called “Recruitment”.

Once the CV is accepted, then the candidate’s name is included in the Recruitment Form.

After each round, the next immediate round’s Action items (Selected / Rejected) are shown & just the corresponding interview date.

If the candidate is rejected, the other action items should not be shown.

I have tried this using Actions but, I couldn’t achieve the exact outcome. I have tried using Slices to split the Recruitment view as per the Interview round. But, I am not sure whether it’s necessary.

Attaching the screenshots for your perusal.

HR Screening Round (1st Round)

Next round’s Status should be shown as just Actions (Selected / Rejected)


I could get the actions shown but, I would like only the Next Round’s Actions & not all (in a consecutive way).

Now, I need help in achieving this.

This is how the Dashboard looks.

Thank you.

I think I understand. So for maximum flexibility in the form, use Show_IF functions for each column. But note that you can’t change on the fly the columns in a view. If a Show_IF function is hidden in a form, it will show on a view if you’ve got it to show that column at all

Thank you Simon for your reply.

Exactly,that is where i’m ending! I couldn’t achieve this as for the next round,previous round details are also shown as that condition is matched.


  1. hiding the technical/skill field: in show if: CONTEXT(“view type”)<>“Form”
    That means it won’t be shown in any form.
  2. Actions
    The “Show If” for actions is in the Behaviour section under “Only if this condition is true”
    If you show me your actions, I can help you with it :wink:


  1. CV Details:

  2. Recruitment:

  3. Dashboard:

Thank you.

These ones are your views.
I need to see your actions.
You can find them under the behaviour section

  1. First round

  2. Technical Round

  3. Final Round

In all these, I need,

  1. That particular interview date to be manually selected via a date field in the form which should be available only AFTER the selection of previous round.

  2. The option of Selection / Rejection of the current round ONLY be visible the after previous round selection.(I am having all the actions visible)

  3. Then, the list selected candidates shall be available for the Document Submission & next On-Boarding process which I have completed.

Thank you Alex for your support & time.

HR Screening Selected
ISBLANK([HR Screening Status])

HR Screening Rejected
ISBLANK([HR Screening Status])

Technical Round Selection
AND([HR Screening Status]=“Selected”,ISBLANK([Technical/Skill Status]))

Technical Round Rejection
AND([HR Screening Status]=“Selected”,ISBLANK([Technical/Skill Status]))

Final Round Selection
AND([Technical/Skill Status]=“Selected”,ISBLANK([Final HR Round Status]))

Final Round Rejection
AND([Technical/Skill Status]=“Selected”,ISBLANK([Final HR Round Status]))

I hope I haven’t missed anything :upside_down_face:

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This topic might be useful too: (using show columns)

and this one: (using valid if to eliminate the ones that have not passed)

Sure @AlexM Thanks

@AlexM, I tried but it’s not showing anything.

I just wonder what I am supposed to do?
I would like the Actions to be shown based on the rounds. And, once that round is over & date is selected. Next time, whenever the CV # is selected, the previous round need not be shown again or shall be showing what is already selected.

Thank you.

Is it here that you have wrote the formulas?

Yes! Exactly.

I think it has to do with the UX & Slices don’t you think?

I have tried Show_if but, not helping.
Probably, ur help in Slices might help.

Thank you.

Do you have an initial value on that column?

Wait wait wait!

What is it that it’s not happening?
The show/not show of the actions or the show/not show of the fields?

The formulas are only for the actions to be visible according to the round.

Field visibility, that’s “our round two” :wink:.
For that I have linked those two topics above.

Are the actions visible as desired?

Actions!, which automatically fill the fields viz, status of the current round!
But, my requirement is that, the field of the previous round need not be shown.
Both are not working!


To be precise, the logic should be, I would just select either of the action, the date & status are automatically updated & the next round view should be visible for the particular cv selected next time.

I understand what you mean but:

1.Those formulas were for the “buttons” visibility only.

2.For the fields to act as you want, you can find the answer in those two topics.
You need to use Show type columns.

Can’t understand why the actions are not behaving as expected but I will make an example app later today.

Great Thanks.
However, share your email id, I shall include you as a collaborator so that u shall be able to work on this app.