Recurring Email Template Issue - Missing Data

We’ve had an email template in operation for over a year. It works most of the time but it sporadically leaves data off the template for 2 key fields. Name & Email. The fields are virtual fields and bring in a prospects name and email from the Prospects table.

I’ve tried:

  1. [Prospect].[Prospect Email] & [Prospect].[Name]
  2. vir_prospect_email & vir_prospect_name (with the above as the formulas)

Neither has proven to be dependable. Any thoughts on what it could be?


Not a whole lot of information to work with here. What are the columns of the row being referenced in this template snippet? The snippet itself includes [Prospect Address] and [Prospect Phone], but you say you’ve tried [Prospect].[Prospect Email] and [Prospect].[Name], both of which are dereferences. It strikes me as possibly odd to have those four columns split across two different records?

Please provide a screenshot of the table columns being used by the template snippet that includes at least the Prospect columns mentioned.