Recurring Service Log from Customer List

Hello All,
I’m new here and feel like I may just be missing something… I believe I have all my data and tables in the app, but can’t figure out how to make them interact properly. I’m trying to create an app similar to the field delivery sample app, but I want it to prepopulate the list every week.
Here’s a breakdown of the desired outcome:
I have workers, that I would like for them to open the app and see a pre-filled list of customers that they need visit that day (I have this so far), but on that list I would like to have them be able to have buttons that when clicked update a separate table called “service log” (i.e - Check-in, Not-Complete, Check-Out, Continue) The service log would only be filled out when they hit continue. That way I can see how long they took for each job. Is this something even possible?

Yes, that sounds possible. However your question is extremely broad, so I’m not real sure how to even start answering it much further. In general, your requirements sound like they are a bit more complex than a typical beginner’s first app.

You may need to use a “Report” for this (or a schedule-driven Event within a Bot in the new automation language)


Thanks Marc! I made some progress yesterday. I simplified it a little bit.
I made the Customer list more of a reference and it has a couple of action/buttons. One triggers a “Data:Add to another table” the check-in function, the other “App:goes to a different view” which takes them to the table, and from there they are then able to click the check out button. Much appreciate the feedback and I’m super excited to begin expanding my knowledge in appsheet!