Recursive changes

Had an idea, no time to test it right now or think on it much, but I wanted to make sure to write it down somewhere so I wouldn’t forget, and maybe others would know if it’ll work or not.

There’s no real way to execute a “loop” of actions in AppSheet. But can we do some sort of recursive change trick, where we have a workflow that occurs upon an edit, then makes an edit itself, which in turn triggers itself again?

I have tried it but the datachange WF runs only once. May be it’s possible with a combination of AppSheet API :slight_smile: See it in action here:
Click on the 1st menu item, expand the row for Detail View and change the quick edit number. The WF will increment it by 5 but only once though I have set the condition as [_THISROW_AFTER].[Number] <= 50 :wink:

I’ve had success with recursive actions. I tinkered with it some time ago, so it may no longer work. At the time, I suspected my success was coincidental and that recursion was not supported. It took a lot of effort to make it work at all.

When using workflow

  1. DataChange actions invoked by Workflow rules do not trigger other workflow rules.
  2. AppSheet API calls that perform Add, Update, or Delete do trigger workflow rules.

Thanks guys