Recursive relationship

Hi. I am trying to implement a recursive relationship in an employee table. The table have the employee email, name, surname and manager email.
Is it possible to create a relationship between the manager email and employee email columns, as all managers are employees as well. I would like to validate the manager email against the employee email column.

Hi @henniese! Welcome to the community!

Have you seen this:

I think it may help. Recursion is discussed in the post.

Kirk’s linked post describes a set of actions running recursively, this is not what is needed here, different kind of “recursion”.

You simply need a [Manager] column in your employees table that is a Ref type column, pointing back to the employees table. Each employee record can then specify another employee record as their manager. Then to get the email of the manager, you can use:



Awesome, exactly what I was looking for.