Redirect to a page and not display the back button

Hi All,

I have an action that trigger a redirection to another page. Is it possible to not see the back button anymore once the redirection is completed?

I would like to see this instead:

The reason is that the user goes through many tables to complete one global activity. When he’s done with, I simply want the user to see again the hamburger icon so he can do another activity. Today, the user is forced to click on the back button more than 3 times to see back the app menu.

I know it’s a best practice to have page icons at the bottom instead in the menu area but I ran out of space. Side question: Will my users have to pay twice if I split the app in two apps so I can have 2 sets of page icons at the bottom and not use the menu?


You could split the page icons at the bottom with a show if and have more than 5 views so view 1,2,3,4,5 show if [Value]=1, and views 6,7,8,9,10 show if [Value]=0. As for getting rid of the back arrow you have 2 options one is a button called return home but this will not get the menu icon back. The other option is for the user to click a page at the bottom, this will automatically bring back the menu icon in the top left.


No, but I posted this as a feature request. Control over the navigation stack.