Reducing excel file size

Hi all,

Looking some tips for reducing the file size of excel workbooks. I have had this issue in the past where the file size has exceeded 30 MB, and I was unable to sucessfully add this data into an app.

I store app data in sharepoint and the file is in .xlsx format. I tried to convert the file to xlsb but it was not supported.

Previously, the file size was large because of extra rows that had been added beneath the app data and formatting that increased it dramatically.

Having done this for the current workbook I am still over the max by 8MB. Would anyone have any other suggestions for reducing this? I have read that Google Drive could be better.


Hi, if you estimate how many cells you have data on that Excel file, what the result would be?

I have about 50 sheets and roughly counted the cells, within the first 16 sheets there was over 13,000 cells counted. So you can see that there is a significant amount of data held.

That is if you’re referring to records/rows not each cell?

So you have 13k rows in 16 sheets, correct?

No sorry I havent counted the records, I was counting cells so entire tables

The whole workbook has approx. 10,447 rows of data. There are blank cells in some cases but they will eventually be filled?

It sounds that the sheet amount 50 is a biggger challenge than rows itself for gSheet or Excel. Do you need all those sheets in the app?

Yeah, we’re in talks of reducing columns or perhaps splitting into separate apps but its not ideal of course.