Ref column form reference

When you have a Ref column that allows adds per below picture, does clicking the New button actually take you to the form view of the referenced table? Or are you still within the parent tables form view?

This particular New button takes the user to an Equipment table form view where a new piece of equipment can be added. I have an action connected to the Equipment form that changes the value of a column in a child table of the Equipment table when the form is saved. It works fine directly form the Equipment table form view.

If I add a new piece of Equipment from the Ref column above which is a Service Ticket table, the action does not run. I suspect it’s because the column to be changed is 2 references away from the Ref column in the picture and the form view from the Ref table isn’t actually the Equipment form view but I’m not certain.

Would seem to be easy enough to find out by testing… :confused:

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Hi @Steve, when I try in the emulator, the form appears to be the same but the view name doesn’t appear to change. Backend wise it appears to be a reference to the form rather than the form itself?

I ended up using a Workflow with a couple of actions to find my way to the table a couple references down and was able to change my column value that way!

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Yeah, that’s normal. I don’t know why it works that way. It is confusing. :frowning: