REF Column not Populating with Key. Sort Ref Column by Count

My Route[Key] is not being populated in Customers[Route] when type is Ref, the value is Route[Route]. This is unexpected and undesirable as the key should be the value. Why is this happening?
I added the values of Route[Key] to Customers[Route] when creating the columns. Assigning a Route to a Customer within the app results in the Route[Route] being assigned to Customer[Route] (2 Buda entries to the right for Customer[Route] with the top value as Key and the lower value (Warning Icon) as Label).

Also, I would like to sort a ref column by count, the display is ‘Column (count)’ but I would like ‘count [Column]’ so that I may click the header and have rows sorted by the count.
I’ve tried to use a custom Display name ‘“count(select(…))&” [Inspection]"’, but this only affects the detail view, not table view.

Solved (1/2): For Customer[Route] I had Suggestions=Route[Route].