Ref column suddenly not showing in csv download


I have a main table with a ref column to another price list column. The price band/list is not showing up when a download of the main table is executed.

Any ideas?



What does that mean?

What do you mean with this?

Possibly @Phil_Waite has a workflow where he creates a CSV export of his parent table (*assuming from the post’s header :hugs:)

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When an action button is hit to download a csv file of the main table


Oddly it was fine 4 days ago but I cant see what I might have changed as I’ve been nowhere near it recently


I went back to an older version of the app. The column was set to enum with “Price Lists 2[Price Band Name]” in the valid if.

It’s very odd that is somehow changed to a ref column - I can only assume change it by accident somehow!

Changed it back and all ok.