Ref columns filter

Hi, to everyone

I have a reference column to [ref Column], When the user displays this column all the values ​​appear, however I would like it to show some values ​​depending on other attributes in other columns, try to combine ref in column type with Data Valid if Table [ref Column], it works in filter but A warning appears when choosing the option and it does not allow saving the record

Hi Juan, welcome to the community.

Unfortunately your message makes very little sense. If you can explain further, or in a different way, that could help. Screenshots are the best way to show what you have set up.

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Hi, thanks for the answer and sorry for my english, it’s not ver good.


I need to filter this ref column, because its to many data for the user, if I use the option

Valid If

Results in error

Please provide a screenshot of the complete Valid_If expression you tried.