Ref Dropdown Acting Funny? Is it misconfigured?

Here’s some context. My app is about sheep. The table I’m in, “Top Level Data”, has many records where each row is a record of a sheep and each column is different attributes of the sheep. The label for each row is the “Tag” of the sheep and each has a unique ID for a key. The particular column in the app i’m interested in is a dropdown menu where you can select the ‘sire’ or father for the sheep record. The ‘sire’ value is just going to be another sheep/record from the same table. For that reason this ‘sire’ column is listed as a ‘ref’ type with no formula and the referenced table is the same table, “Top Level Data”.

How I expected it to work was that when adding a new sheep record I could click the ‘sire’ dropdown in the app, select a sheep by its tag/label and the source/table/spreadsheet would populate on the back-end with the key related to that row referenced. This way, when someone is looking at a sheeps record at a later date they could click on the ‘sire’ listed and it would redirect them to that record.

That is ALMOST what’s happening. For whatever reason, in the app, when you go to add a record and you click the sire column, you CAN select any of the ‘tags’/labels for any sheep in the table HOWEVER in the back end the source table/sheet is populating with that ‘tag’/label value rather than the key. So it’s not linking to anything.

Im confused about this because as far as I understand, when you have a column designated as a ref column it utilizes the label for app selection but it ACTUALLY populates with the key for that table. Why is that not happening here? Did I misconfigure something or is it a bug?

Please post a screenshot of the table’s column list that includes both the key and the label columns.

Please also post a screenshot of the configuration screen for the sire column.

Finally, if there is a Valid If expression for the sire column, please also post a screenshot of it in its entirety.


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Thank you for the screenshots!

I, too, am confused! Your configuration looks correct, so I don’t know why you’re experiencing the behavior you are. I’m afraid I’m going to have to refer you to for a deeper look. If you would, please let us know here what the support team finds.

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