Ref dropdowns - Cant show descriptions in the list only see record ids

Hi all, 3 months ago I managed to resolve this but now I completely forgot.

How can I see descrptions in ref dropdown instead of Ids? I did it time ago like this


Even if descriptions are shown, IDs are store, which is fine. I want somehintg similar now but cant remember what I touched and cant find it in my app, now I see the Person ID but need to search using Name and store the ID.


FYI: The table is the same! Is a referral program I want to include, so in table Client, I have a new client that will tell who did the reference, meaning an existing client.

You have to mark the column you want to see in the dropdown as the ‘label’ in the reference table.

Once you set the column you want to be shown as the label, it would appear in the dropdown, and in the backend, the key of the reference table will be stored,

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Great! Many thanks :slight_smile:

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For reference: