Ref/enumlist function?

In working with my app, I have a ref function for a related contacts field. Right now it only accepts one contact. Is it possible to have this ref field allow multiple selections (enumlist)? In other words, this activity table links related contacts. If I have more than one related contact to the activity record, how do I select more than one contact (without have multiple fields that do the same function)?


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@Marc_Dillon, where do you distinguish the ref table with this arrangement?

I see the ref table, Contacts now…but when I go to test the feature in the form…there are none of the contacts to choose from other than “new”.

After setting the base type to Ref, do a Save, then go back into the column details and you’ll see the field for selecting which table.

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@Marc_Dillon, yes, on point so far. But there are none of my 1000 contacts when I go to multi-select contacts.

Do you happen to have a Valid_If or Suggested_Values expression set?

@Marc_Dillon, not in this form.

I’m not sure then. Start providing screenshots of everything in question and maybe I can spot a problem.

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I take that back, try to put Contacts[key-column] as the Valid_if expression. Replace “key-column” with the actual key column of your Contacts table. EnumList with base-type Ref seems to not automatically pull in the table like a typical Ref-type column would, have to specify it manually I think.


@Marc_Dillon, $. Thank you!