Ref field - initial do I get name to show

In my meal log table I have a MACCID column that is the ref to the personnel table.

The MACCID is set to label and in the form the employee’s name appears in the drop down. With the added security filter now the employee’s name is the only name in the drop down - so how can I get this to just automatically show instead of having the employee have to select their own name?

I tried a few things in for initial value but kept getting errors.

Hi @tcanelli.
I believe you are requiring sign in, in which case you may use the USEREMAIL() to get the corresponding initial value you are looking for.
You should look in Personnel table for MACCID of the current user (the email column in the table matches with the USEREMAIL())

Maybe something like this:

SELECT(Personnel[MACCID], [email] = USEREMAIL())

I recommend you to add a virtual column so as to try this formula. Good luck!