Ref not able to be deleted after sync

I have two tables. Table A and Table B. Table A allows adds and updates. Table B allows adds, updates, and deletes. Table A has a ref to Table B so that the user can add in multiple items to Table B from a Table A form.

My question is, if a user starts a input for Table A, they can add and delete as many items on Table B as they want. However, if they add items to Table B from Table A, then sync, then they can no longer delete those Table B items. Why can you delete before the sync but not after?

Hi @EIG! Do you have your actions set to include add and delete from both tables?

hmm…Under Data > Table > Table A for the “Are updates allowed?” to Updated and Add for Table A and Update, Add, and Delete for Table B.

I have the system generated actions under Behavior > Workflow > Table A and Table B. There are Delete, Add, and Edit for both.

I don’t think I understand from the link. Are you recommending that I create a custom Action to delete the Table B rows (even though it works fine before syncing)?

Is your ref column set with isPartOf property switched to ON?


Both Table A and Table B are allowed for delete?

No, just Table B.

Your Table A is the parent table and Table B is the child table. So if you delete any record from Table A, all the child records will be automatically deleted as well. However, you should be able to delete records manually from Table B if you allow it to do so.

yeah, I agree. Something is happening once it syncs. It works fine before the sync but not after. I will try to reproduce the error on one of the AppSheet demo apps.

Here is a proof of concept:
You’re free to take a copy of this app from my portfolio:
Portfolio URL:
App Name: Community Samples