Ref not working?

(Dialect Junk) #1

I have a form called “Work Order” that has 2 tabs:

1st tab is “Work Tasks”
2nd tab is “Work Address.”

The “Work Tasks” tab contains a nested form where I enter tasks for that work order. This nested form has an [Address] column which references the [Address] column in the “Work Address” tab via app formula.

If I follow the logical layout of the form - add tasks first, and then add the address - when I sync the app, the address isn’t being recorded in the [Address] column in the nested “Work Tasks” table.

However, if I add the address first, then add the tasks, the [Address] is recorded. Is this the expected behavior? Do I need to change the tab order? I’m trying to maintain the company’s traditional workflow…

Thank you!

(Bellave Jayaram) #2


You may want to consider reversing the ref relationship to get both forms to save to sheet.

(Marc Dillon) #3

What happens if you go into an old record that now has an [Address] filled out, then edit one of the nested forms, does the [Address] field inside the form populate now?

I’m suspecting that the inner field is a real column, and so only updates it value when the record is editted. Upon first “edit” (creation), there is no address value, so it is blank. If you change the inner [address] field to a virtual column, it should update whenever the app is synced.