REF OR LIST Hi, i'm building an app for the ...

(Mark Pathfinder) #1


Hi, i’m building an app for the invoices. In my app there are CUSTOMERS TABLE and LOCATIONS CUSTOMERS; the customers could have 1 or more Locations; In The INVOICES TABLE i would like to chose the LOCATION of Customers, i tried to insert REF- LOCATIONS CUSTOMERS and SHOW IF = CONTAINS([LOCATIONS CUSTOMERS[CUSTOMER],[CUSTOMER NAME]) but it shows all LOCATIONS CUSTOMER.

How can i resolve it? +Steve Coile

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If your have a relationship between those tables, you can read the location with the Deref expression like… [Customer].[Location]

(Steven Coile) #3

If you want the app user to choose from among a list of locations, put an expression that produces a list of values in the column’s Valid_If property.




This will gather rows from LOCATIONS CUSTOMERS where the CUSTOMER column value is the same as the current (INVOICES TABLE row) CUSTOMER NAME column value.

I would strongly encourage you to spend some more time reading through the documentation and experimenting a bit more. I’m concerned you may be stretching you current skill set a little far. :frowning:

(Mark Pathfinder) #4

you’re absolutely right, I think it would be a mini video course generic, I’m only at my 5th app, I’ve already delivered 3, and I’m learning a lot. Thanks again for your support.