Ref_Row from a Multi select EnumList field

Hi, I have 2 tables, 1 is “Students”, 2 = “Classes”, In the Student table I have a field for Class as a Enum List (Valid if: table of classes), so I can select more than 1 class for each individual student.
My question is, how can I have a Ref_Row type of field in my classes table to see all related students?

In general , I believe, you could have a VC in Classes table with an expresion something like

SELECT(Students[Key Column], IN([_THISROW].[Class Name], [Class Name Enumlist])

[Class Name] is the class name column in Classes Table

[Class Name Enumlist] is the Enumlist column in the Students table that you have mentioned.


Awesome! Thank you so much!!! I was scratching my head around this, couldn’t find the solution! Thanks again.


You are welcome and good to know it works the way you want.

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