Ref_rows for related order details


I have an auto generated virtual column in a products table that refers to related order details.

The expression is this

REF_ROWS(“Order Details”, “Unique Product Id”).

I want to show the related order details in the order details table that it is refering to but only ones that have an [order status] =“Open”.

The SELECT expression below works to identify the “Order ID”

SELECT(Order Details[Order Id],AND(([Unique Product Id] = [_THISROW].[Unique Product Id]),([Order Status] =“Open”)

but it shows as

Related Order Details

7b58dd76 , c8624f15 , e6389889

Rather than show the inline rows that correspond to the order Id.



I assume Order Details[Order ID] is the problem. I think in this expression [Order ID] is not a key of this table of Order Details, but refer to the ID of the parent table, am i right?

If so, make sure to put key fields in stead of [Order ID]

Could you double check the key field name of Order Details?

Do you want to show it as an inline view in your Order detail view or is it just a different table view??

@Phil_Waite Your SELECT is not filtering by Order ID. Its selecting Order ID but not filtering by it.

Add into the AND() function:

[Order ID] = [_THISROW].[Order ID].

Also, is [Order Status] on the “Order Details” table? If so, you are good. If its on the order table then you’ll want to update that part of the expression to:

[Order ID].[Order Status] = "Open"