REF_ROWS() giving an error on a Slice

I’m trying to use REF_ROWS() in a virtual column on a slice and I’m getting an error message. I’m using the expression as per the documentation, and it works on the table, but not on the slice.

REF_ROWS( “from-dataset” , “ref-column” )
where from-dataset is the table or slice name.

The error message is: Unable to find table ‘slice-name’

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @John_McCredie, welcome to the community!
With “on a slice” you mean that you are pointing the to the slice instead of a normal table in your Ref_rows() app formula?
If that’s the case, make sure the name of the slice is right, even copy and paste it from the slice name to the formula and then also make sure the config of the column is correctly using the slice instead of the table on “Element type details” → “Referenced table name”


I just did a copy and paste and would you believe there was a space at the beginning! Thanks. Can’t believe it was such a simple issue. Doh!

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Well, it solved your problem!

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