REF_ROWS of a child slice, not allowing add/edit inside of parent form

Got some simple Child & Parent tables in an example app here. Child has Ref-type column to Parent table w/ isPartOf = ON.

I added a slice of child table; all columns, all access permissions.



Added a new REF_ROWS VC in parent table to show this slice.


Here is detail view of one parent record:


Then when I go in to edit the record, I see this, “New” button is missing for the slice:


Also, if I click one of the child records from inside the parent form, it opens the child form. However, if I click one of the child slice records, it opens this sort-of “floating” detail view:


Given the recent changes to inline views, with the New/Add button being re-directed at the Add action, I’d imagine this is somehow related, especially since it it still saying “New” here?

I need to be able to add and edit child records from a slice inside of the parent form.

I’ll go ahead and send this to support as well.