REF_ROWS shows zero matches


Here is an odd behaviour in my solutions.

I have the following tables

Main: Pacientes
Related: PacHistoria
Related: PacAlergias
Related: PacOdontograma

All the related tables are indicated and we can see that the relationship has been established.


The problem comes when I check the detail of a Paciente record.
I can see the information of the related tables, however for the patOdonto table I don’t have the “View” button and also the # of records shows a zero.

However a few records are shown.

Any suggestion on where to look in order to fix this behaviour? Thanks!

Hi @Luis_DfG

Try To add from UX View type Table for this data “PacOdontograma ( slice )” and change Position to REF

From Type Details > Element type make sure select your view ref



Thanks for the reply.

However this doesn’t explain why this particular table has a different behavior versus the others or where the relationship is getting “blocked” from the Paciente table. Thanks though.


I can’t even imagine what the problem might be here. Please contact for help with this.