Ref table with multiples tables (Using is part of...)

Hi everybody.

I have a Table of Task, that I’m trying to fill up this table in diferent tables.

So it means that I have to have a single table refered to multiples tables with the mark IsPart enable.

But it seems that is not possible because I found this:
" ** A table can only have one Ref column marked IsAPartOf (a row can only be a part of one other row).*"

Any adivice or way to do this diferently ?

to do what?


I have an app for inspections, where I have “Multiples Inpsections Forms”

  1. Inspection form is to be done close to the work station. The important thig is that I create task for the worker at the end of my observations, like a “TODO” list for that worker.

  2. Inspecton for to be done far from the workstation, and aswell I have to create tasks for that worker.

What I want to do is to create a single table where I can save all those task just in 1 place

What I did was to create the table Actions with Multiple ref colums where I bring the Key for those forms, and depending on that I set a value for “Where the task comes from (Close observation or far observation)”.

But Appsheet “Un Check” the option of IsPartOf automatically. And it doesn´t let mi ad task from 1 of the forms

Some Screenshots:
Form 1

Form 2: Here I activated manually the Check bos “IsPartOF” but after I save it, it desapear

BUT this is how I expected to look like

Oh you need the Add button in 2 different parent table’s forms. I’m afraid you’re out of luck here. That thread I just linked above was actually a Feature Request from almost 2 years ago to fix exactly this, I’m not sure why it is no longer in the Feature Request category.

I’d suggest figuring a way that makes sense in your app for the Parent record to be created and saved first, and then you can add Child records from the Detail view’s Inline table.

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I have an other Idea.

In 1 of those forms I have a LongText Type Colum Called “Comentaries”

Do you know how to “Automatically” By clicking on “Add” in that Detail view take that value of [Comentarie] And take it to the Action Table as a Task ??


It is not possible to override the Add action on Inline views like that. You can create your own Action to do that though.

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