Ref views & actions?


I am wondering how to edit my Ref view “Related Pests.”

It looks mostly how I want it to, however I would like to prohibit the function when people click on the row, it will bring them somewhere. Instead, I would like to limit it to the first arrow that is in-line with that Referenced row. So my question is, how do I get rid of the 2nd and 3rd green arrows because they don’t bring me to where I want to go, and how do I prohibit someone from clicking on the actual row and it bringing them somewhere?

Many thanks!

From UX pane, locate the Tablename_inline for the related records, which is a Deck View. Expand its properties and arrange the Actions you would like to show


You’ll also be able to change it to a different type of view type, altogether, if you so wish.

I see how I an arrange the actions, but how do I disable clicking on the row? It is not an action, at least I am not seeing it…

Nm, got it.