Refer to a column dynamically

Refer to a column dynamically.

So far and as far as I know, you can only refer to one column explicitly:

  • SELECT(Translations[CA], ([Literal] = “Confirm”))
  • LOOKUP(“Confirm”; “Translations”; “Literal”; “CA”)

In this case and to understand the needs, these expressions expressions serve me to obtain a certain literal in another language.
But if I have multiple languages ​​among my users, I need to use SWITCH () type functions but this makes the code long and difficult to maintain.

It would be very useful to be able to express a column of a dynamic mode mode that AppSheet allows me to exchange the [CA] of SELECT () or the “CA” of LOOKUP () for expressions such as:

  • USERSETTINGS(Language)
  • LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), “Team”, “eMail”, “Language”)

This would make for a cleaner, clearer and easier to maintain code.

Or be able to have a variable in Expression Assistant and be able to write something like:

  • Language = USERSETTINGS(Language)
    LOOKUP(“Confirm”; “Translations”; “Literal”; [Language])

Thank you for your time and work!