Referance from a Referance

Hey Guys,

Having trouble getting a reference from a reference. Its returning the ID instead of the Column I want.

Im over simplifying but lets say I have 3 tables.

Table A.
2 Columns. ID and Part Category

Table B.
3 Columns
ID, Part Name and (Part Category referenced from Table A)

Table C
3 Columns
ID, Machine Name, (Part Name Referenced from Table B)

I Have a virtual Column in Table C called Part Category. I need this to display the category of the part that is related to the machine.

Ive Tried

[Part Name].[Part Catagory]
[Part Name].[Part Catagory].[Part Catagory]
[Part Name].[Part Catagory].TableA[Part Catagory]
Many other things, some dont work, some only return the ID of the row,

Any help is appreciated,


Hi @Jonathan_S,

If I have understood your requirement correctly, please create a ref type VC column called say [AB Reference] in table C with an expression something like

[Part Name Referenced from Table B].[Part Category referenced from Table A]

Here [Part Name Referenced from Table B] and [Part Category referenced from Table A] are both assumed to be reference type columns from respective tables as you have described.

For this dual reference column’s [AB Reference], for the Source Table Settings in column settings pane , please select “Table A”

Now please pull the [Part Category] from table A in another VC called say [Part Category Table C] in table C with an expression something like [AB Reference].[Part Category] where [Part Category]is the part category column name in Table A

Hope this helps.


Thank you

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See also Double Dereference Expressions here:

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