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Hello Community. Can I use type ref with id - name in dropdown?, Default type ref will get id. I want to get both id and name and show them in dropdown. Ex: 123 - Alex. Can I do it?

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If I have understood your requirement correctly, please take a look at use of row labels


In your table, you will have one column identified as a Key and there will be one column identified as a label.

It is this label that gets shown to you when you select your Id field in your drop down.

To be able to show your Id and your label I would add a new virtual column on your table.

This virtual column might have the formula like this

Concatenate ([your key field name]," - ",[your current label field])

Once you have your new virtual column, remove the tick for the current label and add this tick against your new virtual column.

Once you have done that and saved your edits, you should now see that your drop down shows your new label.

Hope that helps :grinning:

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Thanks you very much

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Thanks you!