Reference chosing the wrong column?

I have an App that is working well and I have no issues with its working or references to other table’s data, which display as I expect.

However, I’ve recently begun using PDF templates to email list (Parent Child Data) and have a problem.

The text displayed is the Index column and not the Ref column.

The Ref is set up as

Which I assumed took its Ref from the SAME NAME in the linked table (ie Level 02 Name)

In the App Level 02 Name is displayed correctly as 25K/26T/MCC/1

But in the email it displays the key 7jgmnjPn

Anyone suggest how I can overcome this please?

Thanks in advance

May I ask what is your formula in field “Level 2 Name”?

Hi Aleksi,

I have this formula to check for unique values

NOT(IN([_THIS], SELECT(Level 02[Level 02 Name], NOT(IN([_RowNumber], LIST([_THISROW].[_RowNumber]))))))

I mean the formula on your template.

No Formula Aleksi just the column name

<<[Level 02 Name]>>

Would you please take a printscreen from your template, thanks.

Is the [Level 02 Name] a Ref field?

yes, it’s the one in the screenshot at the beginning of this thread. :blush:

Then use a Deref for the name like [Level 02 Name].[YourColumnName]

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in the template?

Try it and see what happens :slight_smile:

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When I place <<[Level 02].[Level 02 Name]>> in the template the workflow does not produce an email

When I place [Level 02].[Level 02 Name] in the template the workflow just places it as text

The order is wrong… you need to use the Ref column first like <<[Level 02 Name].[Column]>> where the “Level 02 Name” is the Ref field and “Column” is your column name from that table.