Reference Date to a UX Calendar

Dear Appsheet Experts,

I have a sheet with a column “Appointment Date”. By default, when users will add data to my sheet, the “Appointment Date” column will show a typical calendar view.

What I want is to refence the “Appointment Date” into my UX calendar like this:

The reason behind this is on my “UX Calendar” I will show all available date slots that the users can select for their appointment, meaning I only want the user select specific date on the UX calendar that has available status.

Hoping for your guidance.

Thank you!


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Hey @Henjoe, welcome to the community.

First: you might check out the following post; it’s full of tons of helpful tips to help you get stared with using the community to find answers.

To answer your question

  • I wasn’t sure exactly what you were asking, so I addressed two possible topics. (Let me know if I was way off!)

Thanks @MultiTech_Visions for this!
Highly appreciated your support/answers.
Very informative :slight_smile:

For reference, since I am new to this platform, what I simply did here is I just add a “Valid_if” expression where the status should be equals available :slight_smile:

Again Thanks!

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