Reference from another sheet issue

I am Making a Recipe app
I want my customers to see my products and prices on the app and make their order
I have products with prices as sheet1, ingredients as sheet2, and recipes sheets3-58.
As I update prices for ingredients on sheet2 it updates the price of the whole recipe on sheets3-58 which in turn updates the prices on sheet1. Just using =(sheet#! cell) references.
I tried to set appsheet source to Sheet1 but Appsheet is not recognizing this type of references
I’ve looked into deep links but not sure how it can help… as I have a cells on 56 different sheets referencing cells on sheet2 that are being referenced on Sheet1

Have you thought about creating that functionality with related table structure directly in the app? The receipt record would be the parent and ingredients are child records. When you update the ingredient’s price, the receipt’s total price would be updated automatically. Please check this article…