Reference help please

(Ellie F) #1

I am in need of some help please.
I have an app to create jobs. When the job is created the job has a record id [jobrecordid].
I select or create a client. If creating a client I’m taken to a new page to complete the details then it is given a record id [clientrecordid]
I select or create a site. If creating a new one i am taken to another form and the row is given a record id [siterecordid]
I have another column in the site worksheet for client ref. I want this to capture the [clientrecordid]
Please please can someone tell me how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.

I capture the client ref against a site so that I can filter the options available elsewhere in the app

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

What you are asking is called a de-ref expression. You can use it with this syntax:


in your example; assuming that your ref column name is client in Site Worksheet:


(Ellie F) #3

thank you for the reply. The dereference works in some instances but not in this.
for example , in my job screen, if i select an existing site then it will deference the associated columns like post code etc and show them. however it seems when i have my list to select a site address or client contact , when i click NEW it is taking me to a new screen but not taking the information through that’s available within the job. I’m assuming i need to somehow do a link to row, to keep the thread of data ?
or am i just doing the dereference wrong?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #4

I believe your de-referencing might be wrong. It’s hard to provide a solution without knowing your column structure and how you have set the app. Provided you can elaborate, I’ll try to help.

(Ellie F) #5

thank you so much , this is all new to me.

In my ‘Jobs’ Table I have the following fields

[Client Name] [Site Address] [Client Contact]

[Client Name]- this is Ref to Table ‘Address Book’ – key in Address Book is [Recordid]

[Site Address] – this is a Ref to Table ‘Sites’ – Key in Sites is [recordid]

[Client Contact] – This is a ref Table ‘Client Contacts – Key In Client Contacts is [RecordID]

In a view using ‘Jobs’ I Select [Client Name]

I then select [Site Address] (from a filtered list)

I then select [Client Contact] (from a filtered list)

In my ‘Sites’ Table I also have [Ref] field that references ‘Address Book’ to capture the Client [Recordid]

In my ‘Client Contacts’ Table I also have [Ref] field that references ‘Address Book’ to capture the Client [Recordid]

is that enough detail?